Outdoor enthusiasts spend hours selecting most of their gear. They sometimes neglect to contribute the same amount of effort when picking out a knife. This is unfortunate because this is an important tool that is a necessity for wilderness survival. A simple pocket knife is functional around the home to help with daily chores. Once it is subjected to the elements for any length of time it will quickly dull and lack the strength to handle tougher tasks. Camping, hunting and fishing require equipment that is relentlessly reliable. That is why choosing the perfect knife for each of these adventures takes time and effort too.


Hunting Knife Needs

A fixed blade knife is better when hunting because these knives are almost always stronger than pocket knives. A hunting blade needs to be useful for field dressing, skinning and boning a variety of animal sizes. Many hunters carry two knives in order to have a smaller blade that is suitable for skinning and something slightly larger to handle the other tasks.

Fishing Knife Requirements

A fishing knife should have a more flexible blade than a hunting knife. A sharp point and flexible blade makes it easy to pierce the skin of the fish without damaging the meat. A durable, sharp and narrow blade will cut through the scales and bones cleanly while filleting the catch. A non-slip grip helps the user to maintain control even with wet hands.

Camping Knife Options

Campers use knives for numerous tasks including cutting branches, trimming brush and helping with food preparation. Camping experts recommend carrying more than one knife because of the endless amount of tasks they perform. A lightweight blade is sufficient for family camping but survival camping requires something more. A solid knife with a heavy handle and a blade between 3-6 inches long is strong enough for defense and for cutting firewood.

To be effective a knife needs to be quality made. The size of the knife and the material is it crafted from will not matter if it falls apart during use. The knife of choice for many outdoor experts is Bark River. There are many Bark River knives to choose from and all are carefully crafted. Their inventory is both functional and beautiful and their attention to detail is why they remain a leading dealer and distributor of popular knives. Look over their inventory to learn more about these high-performing knives.

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